My name is Kathy, and I have a problem. ;) If you have a plant addiction like we do, its pretty hard to get your fix. I mean, you have to leave some room in the shopping cart for groceries, don’t you? No problem, there is a perfect solution. Plant subscription boxes! You can join a monthly subscription box service and have new plant pets sent to you regularly. Kind of like a plant of the month club. Whether your thing is tropical house plants, succulents, cactus or air plants, (or all of them!) we have found a plant subscription box for you. Check this out, and get that addiction thing straightened out today, ok? Oh, yeah… your addict friends? These make great gifts, too!



Plant Subscription Boxes


House Plant Box

The Sill – The Sill is one of the most popular online plant shops ever. They have a house plant subscription for beginners, for pet parents, even for low light homes! You get a pretty ceramic plant pot with your box too. And, you can gift a 3 month subscription! They are pretty popular, and occasionally they go to having a wait list for their plant box. If you can’t wait, no worries, we have several more to check out!

10 Must Have Plant Subscription Boxes


Plantboxs – This house plant subscription box is harvested and shipped direct from their farms, which makes them a sustainable company. You can choose from several plans, including small or large plant sizes. You can even have these shipped to your office! Control your subscription from their app.


The Plant Club – If you love house plants, than this may be your jam. This house plant box comes with everything you need to pot up your monthly plant selection. And we mean everything. Need a mister for that fern? It’s in there. This months plant is a trailer, and needs a macrame plant hanger? Check. Tons of reviews mentioning how compete and thoughtful the monthly boxes are.

10 Must Have Plant Subscription Boxes



Horti – Ok, we love Horti. They ship hard to kill plants with complete instructions, helping you learn along the way. Their pots are fresh and fun, and they have gift ideas that are awesome! If you are looking for a gift for a plant lover, but don’t want to commit to their plant subscription box, then check out their ‘Order a Jungle’. You can set a plant addict up for life with 20 plants shipped all at once! (You can choose pet friendly too!)


Gardening Subscription Box

My Garden Box – Monthly deliveries of craft plant projects, with everything you need… including the live plants! This is a great plant subscription box for the garden lover who enjoys being creative too. Tons of five star reviews for this service.


Urban Organic Gardner – Are you an heirloom seed gardener? This gardening subscription box sends you organic, heirloom seeds each and every month, customized based on your location and your garden requirements! Awesome way to create your own sustainable garden to feed your family healthy, organic food.


The Fresh Cut Flower of the Month Club – We all deserve fresh flowers, don’t you think? Don’t wait for someone else to buy them for you, join this gardening subscription box and get them delivered automatically! These gorgeous, professionally designed bouquets are sent overnight shipping, and you will receive them within 2 days of harvest, so you know they are fresh. You even get a newsletter telling you all about the flowers in each bouquet. Want to get permanent, ongoing points with your SO? Gift this box!


Succulent Subscription Box

Succulents Monthly – With this plant subscription box you’ll get a new succulent plant, a pretty planter pot, the proper succulent soil mix and instructions… Can you imagine how fast your collection will grow?


The Succulent Source – If you want unique succulents, this is the succulent box for you. They have over 60 varieties they use in their monthly subscription service, so each month you will receive 5 plants with no repeats! We have ordered from this company before, and were impressed with our experience of super healthy plants.


Cactus Plants Box

The Cactique – Are you a cacti lover? Then you will love this cactus plant box! It comes monthly with a gorgeous cactus plant, pretty planter, top dressing, complete instructions… and here is the best part… a little treat just for you! Think handmade soaps, candles, cacti decor. Love that!


Cactus Box – Another great plant subscription box offering a beautiful selection of beginner friendly Cacti each month. Within 1 year you will not receive any duplicate plants. One 4″ potted plant per month, Detailed care cards for each plant. The Monthy plant subscription comes in a plastic nursery planter with soil, Free shipping, 30 Day Guarantee!


Air Plant Subscription Box

Air Plants Monthly Club Box – So, we love air plants! Love. If you don’t know what they are, check out our post on What are Air Plants over at OhMeOhMy. Then once you are hooked, (and you will be!) come back here and sign up for this air plant subscription box. You get four air plants a month, so you will build your collection quickly.

If you are a plant lover, addict or aficionado, or you know and love one, check out these plant subscription boxes! Then jump on over to our posts on Best Low Light Indoor Houseplants and Cool & Creative DIY Plant Stand Ideas! And if you want more subscription box ideas, head on over to our sister site OhMeOhMy for 29 Unique Monthy Subscription Boxes For Everyone!

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