Ready for the best new trend in miniature gardens? Try a garden in a teacup! You can use your imagination and make an incredibly creative fairy teacup garden, or just add a touch of living charm to… well, to just about anywhere you can set down a teacup! It’s a great way to make some “living green” portable, charming and easy to take care of. Succulents, herbs, and even mini varieties of well known garden plants are now  being sold for miniature gardens just like this. The whimsy from a teacup fairy garden can bring a smile to anyones face, and let’s face it…this is just such a simple and fun project, right? I mean, look at these! Indoors or out, let’s make some DIY teacup gardens!



DIY Teacup Gardens and Planters


This DIY teacup garden from ‘Instructables‘ is the perfect fairy fantasy… in an easy to accomplish size!


HGTV‘ gets us down to the basics with a great step by step primer on how to make a DIY teacup garden. This project is also a reminder that teacup gardens make a perfect gift! (Hello, Mom’s Day!)


These DIY teacup garden succulent planters from ‘Oriental Trading‘ give us some trendy plants with some fun and fresh style. See how the type of teacup you choose makes a huge difference in the feel of the final project? I also think succulents are some of the toughest plants on this earth, and work so well for this type of project.


This DIY succulent planter (made from teacups) from ‘Tattooed Martha‘ uses similar plants as above, but she chooses a more elegant cup. The result is a sophisticated look, with no fuss! The type of soil she recommends for her succulent planter is the exact same one we use for all our sedums, cacti and succulents.


This fairy teacup garden from ‘The Magic Onions‘ isn’t complicated to make, but is full of fun and smiles. This site is chock full of ideas for fairy gardens of all types, with lots of tutorials and suggestions for supplies.


These simple, minimal DIY teacup gardens are perfect for a touch of stylish appeal without adding too much visual clutter. Love the pebble accent for a nice polished finish. From ‘Happily Eva After‘.


You know what I like most about this teacup DIY fairy garden from ‘See Vanessa Craft‘? You don’t have to keep anything alive! Even thought this looks green & lush, it is the delightful nature of this garden that makes it special, not the plants.


Here is another teacup garden that you (practically) never have to water. This DIY cactus in a cup is from ‘Intimate Weddings‘. I love how the cups look vintage and romantic, yet they use something more contemporary like cacti. I dare you to kill these! (Don’t overwater though, that is their only death sentence!)


This one is just a little bit different, in that it is a hanging teacup garden planter. From ‘Hearth & Vine‘, this one could be gorgeous hanging in a tree, or from a porch post as well as indoors! That “String of Pearls” plant is perfect.


Curbly‘ made these easy DIY teacup gardens to make wonderful party favors, complete with pretty name tags!


Create a miniature teacup garden with this tutorial from ‘Camp Makery‘. You even learn how to make the little houses and mushrooms with air dry modeling clay!


Another succulent teacup garden from ‘Charming Succulents‘. We can’t get enough of these!


Ok, this one does look a little tricky, but wow! We couldn’t not include this, because it’s so inspiring! From ‘Woodward Greenhouses‘.


Last for you we have these 5 minute miniature teacup gardens from ‘The Inspired Room‘. Seriously guys, what are you waiting for?

So if you want some easy charm that can go just about anywhere, try these DIY teacup gardens and planters!

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Image Credits: Happily Eva After, Instructables, HGTV, Oriental Trading, Tattooed Martha, See Vanessa Craft, Intimate Weddings, Hearth & Vine, Curbly, Camp Makery, Charming Succulents, Woodward Greenhouses



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